This year's Typhoon"mangosteen"prevention tips

The present O experienced in the previous year Typhoon this year after the current super Typhoon according the Hong Kong Observatory's latest forecast on Macau's influence still exists, although on a days pigeon Typhoon for Macao severely affected, and many pharmaceutical firms and pharmacy personnel to bring the inventory of the drug status of the work and clean shop and work environment.

On the figure for Hong Kong of"mangosteen"route prediction, substantially in the Macau Outer 150km after

Although the latest forecast of the"mangosteen"on the Macau influence is not"day of the Dove"route close to the Australian, but the trade name and the pharmacy personnel should be pre-placed on the ground or near the ground of the drug to move away from, to reduce the burst to a storm surge of drug damage and reduce economic loss, drug professionals should be to the residents to remind the pre-note themselves taking the drug the amount of is sufficient, such as inadequate should be in before the weekend to buy the right amount, in order to avoid suspension during the Typhoon the lack of drug so stop the drug, but also to remind the Don't panic store a large number of drugs in the home, in order to avoid drug store more than valid.

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