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The Macau health Bureau announced the continuing professional development of the test plan

Macau health Bureau in 2015 to the health professionals explain medical professionals when presented with each of the Registered Professionals required for continuing professional development plan(CPD plan), and in the Today's Department of Health to registered the medical professionals sent letters, informing the CPD plan was officially launched.


This plan is experimental, so the current year(by 2018/7-month-2019/6 month)between the CPD requirements and does not affect the renewal of the license, professionals may voluntarily put eligible CPD supporting documents to the Department of Health license section or the professional belongs to the licensing Agency. This year the test may also be so that the agent is the professional community for the new health care professional Act among the CPD requirements are more clearly aware of the process and prepare for the transition to the new Act came into force among the mandatory in-service CPD programme.


The current CPD plan for substantially 1 hour to 1 credit, but because CPD credits included in the project vary, mainly according to the health Bureau files in the content calculation. Each professional per year of CPD credits are different to the pharmacy professional, the pharmacist is temporarily the annual need 25 credits, and a pharmacy technician for 20 credits.

For CPD details can beClick on the CPD plan page