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Pharmaceutical Affairs notices-drug recovery

Due to the producers location of the drug Monitoring Department ordered the producers to recover all production of ophthalmic preparations

Ribavirin eye drops 8ml
Ribavirin Eye Drop 8ml

Manufacturer: Wuhan, China five-view medicine Industry Co., Ltd.

Batch: all batch


The US FDA announced drug recovery

American drug recovery matters:
By the USA FDA in 2016 2 December approved the listing of the Cetylev effervescent tablets need to be recovered.
Since the drug packaging is not completely of reason and recycle.

Recovery batch number as follows:

Lot # 005C16, Exp date 2/2018
Lot # 006C16, Exp date 2/2018
Lot # 007C16, Exp date 2/2018

Cetylev(Acetylcysteine) 500mg effervescent tablets the main approved indications for the prevention and reduction of drug Paracetamol (acetaminophen)overdose and cause potential liver damage(hepatotoxic quantity of acetaminophen,APAP)

Acetylcysteine main role is to maintain and restore glutathione(Glutathione)levels, thereby reducing Paracetamol (acetaminophen)is the active metabolite of toxicity.

Pharmaceutical Affairs notices-drug recovery

Pharmaceutical Affairs announcement

Due to Taiwan food and Drug Administration issued notice,
Producers voluntarily recycle the following products

Conley Shu take flu day and night capsules
Cold Free Day n Night Capsules

Manufacturer: Taiwan Ryan large pharmaceutical factory Co., Ltd.

Batch: 4321

Pharmaceutical Affairs notices-drug recovery

Pharmaceutical Affairs announcement

Yongkang pharmaceutical entrance of the merchants-voluntarily recycle the following products

The Major Poly-Vita Drops 50ml

Batch: 20201601

《Medical malpractice law announced

Medical malpractice law in the Legislative Council through the rules by,which means that Macau medical personnel in the workflow will have a greater change, first, the medical personnel in the practice to”professional mandatory insurance”.
And medical malpractice law which exists in certain provisions is a relationship to the violation provisions and penalties for cases, to be legal the full text of the sentence constituent and analysis

Medical it is method through the six categories of care are required to buy professional civil liability insurance

Seven people test Board check medical malpractice


[In this message] in the Legislative Council panel reviewed the two years and nine months of the medical malpractice legal system, yesterday by the General Assembly rules of adoption. The law is a major focus, is established by the seven members of the test Committee to investigate medical accidents, many parliamentarians questioned the Committee's composition and authority. In addition,“medical and accident law”forcing Western medicine, Chinese medicine, dentist and other six categories of health care providers, must buy professional liability insurance. The act of self announced after the one hundred eighty days to take effect.