"Mangosteen"during the Typhoon health message

Macau this year experience the following year a similar case, the"mangosteen"Typhoon make the most of the areas of water immersion, water immersion time because of the astronomical situation longer. And the Macao Meteorological Bureau in the morning modified hang No. 3, the wind the ball, and during you should stay home and Highland security room.

While the Department of Health announced that, in the modified hanging lower than the No. 8 wind after the ball, the Conde S. Januario Hospital to recover and open each of the entrances to the public passage; the hospital Conde S. Januario emergency, including the outlying Islands emergency station, a hospital, haemodialysis services, peritoneal dialysis services, specialist outpatient service, including specialty clinics, imaging division, Clinical Pathology, Hematology Oncology Day Hospital, specialist outpatient pharmacy, medical endoscope room, and urology day surgery, etc. as usual to provide services. As urban people have a need for specialty clinics and Blood Services rescheduled visit Conde S. Januario Hospital or call 83906000 with the staff liaison. In addition, each Health Center and health station, civil servants, Medical Centre, TB Centre and the Blood Donation Center will also be as usual to provide services.


Department of Health hospital Conde S. Januario specialist medical services including hospitalization, emergency, surgery, specialist outpatient, and photo check and blood draw services in 2018 9 May 17, will maintain normal services, such as urban people have a need for specialty clinics and Blood Services rescheduled visit Conde S. Januario Hospital or call 83906000 with the staff liaison. In addition, the Typhoon"mangosteen"hit Australia during the period there have been localized power outages and flooding, because some of the drugs need to be stored at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees of place or a cool dry place, the subject is the Typhoon affected part of the patient's medications may appear quality problem, the Department of Health has now set up a telephone hotline to the public provide administration of guidance services. According to the drug information, in addition to insulin to 25 degrees Celsius below generally can be stored for 28 days, the other drug storage conditions is subject to individual drug information. Citizens such as suspected drug quality problems, from now till 9 May 21, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., you can call 83908587/83908709 to the Conde S. Januario Hospital Pharmacy Services query.

This will alert if the home has medication stored in the refrigerator, it should be after a power outage to minimize the open doors to the maximum possible to maintain the refrigerator temperature, to reduce the drug situation affected by the failure, if the drug has any queries can be made to the community pharmacy professionals query. Dear pharmacy professionals should be in a Typhoon after the office as soon as possible when the moisture of the drug classification isolation, in order to avoid the Typhoon after the sale during which the error is taken to damp the drug sale, and in the damp drug classification as soon as possible after notification of the supplier to recycle or to damp the drug to a government drug recovery points for recycling.

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