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After a Typhoon the drug safety matters

This will inform the industry of:

Bear in mind that the moisture of the drugs are not suitable for use, even if it has not expired of the same drug need to destroy.
While the need for refrigeration of the drug because it is the Typhoon caused large power outages may make the drug not in the best state, so also should the refrigeration of the drugs sent for destruction, and to the patient medication safety as the first consideration.

In addition, each of the peers remember as a resident for refrigerated medications and other issues, to review drug descriptions and answer, especially insulin SC injection of the drug, because the type is Various, the answer to the patient when more need to be careful.

Due to the Typhoon power strong, so that the Macao throughout the risk, interbank commute more careful road condition, in order to avoid injury.


The new hilltop hospital prescription drug supply agreement briefing

On Friday, hilltop hospital for each Protocol pharmacy Conference, of which new provisions will be in October this year, when pursued

The new hilltop hospital prescription drug supply agreement instructions will focus on the following:

1. Protocol pharmacy want to install new networking lines and plans.
2. The network requirements of the application fixed the url(IP address)
3. Require a computer to the Department of Health to install the application software.
4. Application by the Health Authority personnel to install.
5. The software is responsible for recording the OPD of the drug entry and the dispatch number and sent the number of registration is to scan the OPD on the prescription bar code.
6. As the pharmacy in handing OPD drug on a single drug, found the number insufficient and not distributed the remaining amount within seven days.
7. Protocol pharmacy during opening hours must have a supervisor or technician when the value of.
8. Evening-in-office of Protocol pharmacy need two employees of OPD prescriptions be formulated and determined.
9. Agreement of the pharmacy may not order any form of discount to attract patients.
10. The above content by the finishing, but in the end is the peak hospital interpretation shall prevail.