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World Drug Day

World Drug Day is by FIP(International Pharmaceutical Federation)since 2009 made. Year 9 month 25 day of the conclusion of World Drug Day. To promote pharmacy to the public.

And present today are attended by the Macau medical community Federation held a seminar to absorb the new drug and disease research knowledge, in the session on acute heart failure of new drugs(Levosimedan)use, etc. topics



Pharmaceutical Affairs announcement-Drug Safety Information

Pharmaceutical Affairs announcement-Drug Safety Information

Due to Information drug interactions the recent increase in risk-tips for the pharmacy technician note



Interesting drug share

Pills dissolve believe everyone in the University curriculum experiment has ever seen.

But there is a part of the drug factory for the production of pills or the exterior of the capsule is not dissolved in the body and the discharge, by itself the agent design is to make the users taking daily just a grain of it is sufficient or have other special considerations. So usually labeled as XL, EL, EX, LA, CR, etc., because it is the pharmaceutical factory registration name is different, this is because the commercial marketing considerations, but refers to long-term(Prolonged-release,Extended release etc.)

But not all long-acting(Prolonged-release)drug the outside will not dissolve, mainly the drug companies drug design.

Common:Adalat OROS 30mg(otherwise 60mg, but note that Adalat 5mg does not belong to the long-term, and the drug factory has been discontinued 5mg)



Macau the Medical Malpractice Act has been Journal Constitution announced

Earlier time, the Medical Malpractice Act has been gazetted it.

Among the display, all licensed medical personnel are required to purchase mandatory insurance, but all the details of the additional administrative announced
But believe premiums should need 4-digit year.


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Pharmaceutical Affairs notices-doping medicine ingredients

Due to Hong Kong of the Drug Monitoring Department issued a notice,”Allmax Rapidcuts Shredded” within Western medicine ingredient-Yohimbine(Alpha-adrenoreceptor blocker).

But the products and no imports in Macau in batch, such as the citizens there are taking this product, immediately stop taking it, and to pharmaceutical professionals in the query.