《Medical malpractice law announced

Medical malpractice law in the Legislative Council through the rules by,which means that Macau medical personnel in the workflow will have a greater change, first, the medical personnel in the practice to”professional mandatory insurance”.
And medical malpractice law which exists in certain provisions is a relationship to the violation provisions and penalties for cases, to be legal the full text of the sentence constituent and analysis

Medical it is method through the six categories of care are required to buy professional civil liability insurance

Seven people test Board check medical malpractice


[In this message] in the Legislative Council panel reviewed the two years and nine months of the medical malpractice legal system, yesterday by the General Assembly rules of adoption. The law is a major focus, is established by the seven members of the test Committee to investigate medical accidents, many parliamentarians questioned the Committee's composition and authority. In addition,“medical and accident law”forcing Western medicine, Chinese medicine, dentist and other six categories of health care providers, must buy professional liability insurance. The act of self announced after the one hundred eighty days to take effect.

Medical patent law community composition
The bill recommends the establishment of a medical malpractice test of the Commission, is whether there is a medical accident investigation and technology test. The Committee consists of five medical professional and two legal professionals. Members shall be from the public or private sector as professional and technical positions in at least ten years and have the appropriate professional conduct of persons served. Medical professionals from the Macau SAR or in the field of the professionals selected.
Tan division does not worry about credibility
Parliamentarians Chen also stand straight means, why the Bar Association Disciplinary Committee may be“insiders review insiders”, by the medical community composition of the test Committee, are to be suspected of doing things injustice, unworthy of trust, it is to be introduced into the“offsite test certificate”for? Describe the is the medical community's discrimination and lack of respect. Lawmaker Coutinho attention to how the selection Committee members? Whether authoritative for? Parliamentarians in Europe Amway then worry about the O whether there is a legal professional with relevant medical knowledge, the legal staff at the Commission to play what role? Social and cultural Department Director tan Jun Rong said, Macau has quite a lot of medical professional ethics been recognized, there are also a lot of foreign retirees in the Australian services, the trust may be invited to have a professional and moral persons as members, saying don't worry about the Committee's credibility.
Application test compression claims time
From the medical community parliamentarians Chen also stand for“medical it law”there is a lot of dissatisfaction, there is a sense the bill failed to guarantee to the medical service provider's rights and interests. He cited one study noted that less than three into the medical accident is the fault of the medical Act, the rest are no-fault medical behavior. Everyone pay attention to data, it is estimated he may test the members of test results, only one-third can be successful, there to clarify the law guarantees is the fault of the medical act, otherwise the Complainant will not get any compensation in the future not to have“medical medical phase guard”of the illusion. To him, the current medical disputes by civil and criminal lawsuit, but the patient to be self-funded and collect data, drag the time longer; this method complements the related blank, the patient to believe that a medical malpractice injury can be to the test Committee application test, and by the Mediation Center by the insurance company for compensation, and can shorten the reimbursement time. If dissatisfied with the conciliation result, still through the civil or criminal route rights to.
Test fee defense mechanisms abuse
Bill suggested that medical providers or hospitals are the medical accident to the Commission to apply a test timing, should be attached with relevant medical records to copy and file and pay the application test fee. Tan division mentioned, the test cost of the non-Macau unique, the mainland provincial test fee is four thousand five hundred dollars, the city has a three thousand five hundred dollars. The establishment cost of the purpose is not to want mechanisms to be abused, and if so the applicant has economic difficulties, the social worker office will provide assistance. He mentioned that twenty one two years the authorities of the medical accident compensation twenty-one million yuan; twenty three-thirty five thousand Yuan; two○four years without last year is thirty-two million five thousand Yuan.
Administrative regulations six months to complete
In addition, the bill establishes a mandatory insurance system, The medical service provider must be made to Supplement the sex of law rules laid down in the Terms, Conditions, limits and amounts established professional civil liability insurance contract. The Financial Management Office representative mentioned that the last year has been based on“medical accident law,”the initial text, the complete insurance system laws and regulations, as well as on the harmonization of the policy and costs of Executive order, and has been in this regard three legal documents consulting industry. See the latest text with the original text there is a certain discrepancy, to re-examine whether to adjust the related file. Will try to in the one hundred and eighty days of completion of the relevant administrative regulations.
The school nurse does not belong to the forced to buy insurance
Health Bureau long Li Zhan Yun added,“medical service provider”means going to the authorities apply for a license in Western medicine, Chinese medicine, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and medical technicians. The school nurse does not provide medical services, and has been renamed the health promotion post, it does not belong to the forced to buy insurance category.
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