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This year's Typhoon"mangosteen"prevention tips

The present O experienced in the previous year Typhoon this year after the current super Typhoon according the Hong Kong Observatory's latest forecast on Macau's influence still exists, although on a days pigeon Typhoon for Macao severely affected, and many pharmaceutical firms and pharmacy personnel to bring the inventory of the drug status of the work and clean shop and work environment.

On the figure for Hong Kong of"mangosteen"route prediction, substantially in the Macau Outer 150km after

Although the latest forecast of the"mangosteen"on the Macau influence is not"day of the Dove"route close to the Australian, but the trade name and the pharmacy personnel should be pre-placed on the ground or near the ground of the drug to move away from, to reduce the burst to a storm surge of drug damage and reduce economic loss, drug professionals should be to the residents to remind the pre-note themselves taking the drug the amount of is sufficient, such as inadequate should be in before the weekend to buy the right amount, in order to avoid suspension during the Typhoon the lack of drug so stop the drug, but also to remind the Don't panic store a large number of drugs in the home, in order to avoid drug store more than valid.

The Macau health Bureau announced the continuing professional development of the test plan

Macau health Bureau in 2015 to the health professionals explain medical professionals when presented with each of the Registered Professionals required for continuing professional development plan(CPD plan), and in the Today's Department of Health to registered the medical professionals sent letters, informing the CPD plan was officially launched.


This plan is experimental, so the current year(by 2018/7-month-2019/6 month)between the CPD requirements and does not affect the renewal of the license, professionals may voluntarily put eligible CPD supporting documents to the Department of Health license section or the professional belongs to the licensing Agency. This year the test may also be so that the agent is the professional community for the new health care professional Act among the CPD requirements are more clearly aware of the process and prepare for the transition to the new Act came into force among the mandatory in-service CPD programme.


The current CPD plan for substantially 1 hour to 1 credit, but because CPD credits included in the project vary, mainly according to the health Bureau files in the content calculation. Each professional per year of CPD credits are different to the pharmacy professional, the pharmacist is temporarily the annual need 25 credits, and a pharmacy technician for 20 credits.

Response Pharmacy Professional higher number and for the local agent personnel professional promotion is the one of the purposes of the future this will also be the opening of more events and conferences, to allow more experts to share their research and clinical treatment experience. That the Macao public to have better drug safety and with the latest scientific research standards.

For CPD details can beClick on the CPD plan page

The US FDA announced the recovery Daclizumab (Zinbryta)

The United States Drug and Food Administration(FDA)in the recently announced full recovery of the United States all of Daclizumab formulation, recovery is the FDA to enforce and assist the drug companies(Biogen And AbbVie)to recall all containing Daclizumab medicines.

Daclizumab trade name Zinbryta is a treatment for relapsing multiple sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis, And Daclizumab is a novel fully human source of anti-Tac monoclonal antibody, and its role in IL-2 receptacle α chain. And in this month 2, there are reports of this drug affects the liver and immune problems. In Europe appeared a total of eight cases of severe side effects, and administration of the factory statement that Daclizumab will be in the global recovery and provide only Daclizumab to 2018 4 June 30 to have the clinical needs of the institution.

And in the Macau market, containing Daclizumab formulation is part of hospital medicine(UH), and the inlet makes for Roche, on the Macau market recovery or not invited to the Macau health Bureau query, while the patient to your attending doctor queries.

The Lantern Festival Happy

I wish all the guilds the Lantern Festival happy,healthy. Spring more to watch out for flu transmissionMulticast, because the current Macau also in influenza easy to dye season, so to keepPersonal hygiene.

After a Typhoon the drug safety matters

This will inform the industry of:

Bear in mind that the moisture of the drugs are not suitable for use, even if it has not expired of the same drug need to destroy.
While the need for refrigeration of the drug because it is the Typhoon caused large power outages may make the drug not in the best state, so also should the refrigeration of the drugs sent for destruction, and to the patient medication safety as the first consideration.

In addition, each of the peers remember as a resident for refrigerated medications and other issues, to review drug descriptions and answer, especially insulin SC injection of the drug, because the type is Various, the answer to the patient when more need to be careful.

Due to the Typhoon power strong, so that the Macao throughout the risk, interbank commute more careful road condition, in order to avoid injury.


The new hilltop hospital prescription drug supply agreement briefing

On Friday, hilltop hospital for each Protocol pharmacy Conference, of which new provisions will be in October this year, when pursued

The new hilltop hospital prescription drug supply agreement instructions will focus on the following:

1. Protocol pharmacy want to install new networking lines and plans.
2. The network requirements of the application fixed the url(IP address)
3. Require a computer to the Department of Health to install the application software.
4. Application by the Health Authority personnel to install.
5. The software is responsible for recording the OPD of the drug entry and the dispatch number and sent the number of registration is to scan the OPD on the prescription bar code.
6. As the pharmacy in handing OPD drug on a single drug, found the number insufficient and not distributed the remaining amount within seven days.
7. Protocol pharmacy during opening hours must have a supervisor or technician when the value of.
8. Evening-in-office of Protocol pharmacy need two employees of OPD prescriptions be formulated and determined.
9. Agreement of the pharmacy may not order any form of discount to attract patients.
10. The above content by the finishing, but in the end is the peak hospital interpretation shall prevail.

The Macau government announced the Medical Malpractice Act and other administrative regulations

The government of the latest issue of the Gazette has announced the Medical Malpractice Act, related administrative content, the more there is

No. 3/2017 number of administrative regulations: the medical malpractice test to the Committee.
4/2017 number of administrative regulations: the medical dispute mediation center.
5/2017 number of administrative regulations: the health care provider professional liability compulsory insurance.
No. 45/2017 Executive Order No.: the approval of the health care provider professional liability compulsory insurance premiums and conditions.
No. 46/2017 Executive Order No.: approval of healthcare providers professional liability compulsory insurance unified policy design.
27th/2017 number of chief Executive approval: approval to provide medical records copy fee cap table.
28/2017 number of chief Executive instructions: the finalization of the application test fee.


The communiqué No. 8, first set, Supplement

Medical personnel insurance purchase description


The present learn the collection of premiums and the application form will be forwarded to ACE insurance company, and in the evening on 23 May evening about the purchase of insurance will, due to the seats not necessarily enough, members of the industry to the scene after as a result of the seat shortage may coordinate a person questions and listen to notes and then forwarding, and insurance, learn just is responsible for the collection of premiums and the application form, relating to the insurance content and follow-up details or claims should directly ask the insured with ACE Insurance Co., Ltd., Tel:2855 7191 to.

The Macau administration will complete discussion on the Medical Malpractice Act, related administrative rules and regulations

The administration will complete discussion of“medical malpractice law”of the three administrative regulations, the health care provider professional liability Compulsory Insurance Act, the medical malpractice test Committee, the medical dispute mediation centre, will be held this month twenty-six days to take effect. The health care provider professional liability compulsory insurance act administrative regulations, healthcare providers must be forced to buy insurance, according to the different classification of the sum insured under limit of fifty thousand yuan to two million yuan.

And associated administrative rules have been signed completed, pending next Wednesday's Gazette, you can determine the compulsory insurance of the relevant rules.

But the temporary provisions as follows:(by the Executive Council spokesman Liang Qing court in the news will be on offer)
“Recommendations healthcare providers professional liability compulsory insurance coverage including: for medical service providers to the fault of the violation of health regulations, guidelines, ethical principles, technical expertise or conventional made to the medical act to the detriment of the clinic's physical or mental health and lead to liability for damages; medical service providers due to the life or physical integrity to serious hazard for the person to provide emergency medical assistance lead to liability for damages; according to the insurance terms of the contract, because the insurance accident compensation and the resulting litigation costs, attorney fees and other expenses. While the set does not belong to insurance coverage of the variety of circumstances, such as due to a medical service provider intentionally act or omission caused the injury, or due to a healthcare provider in a drunken, drug made under the act.”

In addition, the Board instructed the medical records, management, storage and destruction procedures guidelines for medical record requests made to the specification. And Annex VIII for the prescribed contents of the specification, pharmaceutical and Medicine who, although in the prescription to write on name and signature.

The following is the Board of Health instructed the content



The Macao Government Health Bureau of drug regulations seminar

The Macao Government Health Bureau of drug regulations briefing。

The following is the registration method, each member should name this briefing close to the wire

Register inference should be pharmaceutical advertising law 30/95/M)within the content